There are 3 steps to allow you to use your
crystals to their highest potential.
These steps are:


 ⫸ Cleansing

⫸ Activating & Programming

⫸ Energising

Crystal specimen in any form are extremely fascinating. Each crystal holds it own unique vibration, power and attributes and once cleansed and activated can assist you physically, mentally and emotionally. Over time, crystals absorb a variety of energies due to exposure from handling of the crystals or the environment in which they are stored. Once you receive your crystals, we highly recommend you cleanse them as well as implementing a regular and suitable routine to cleanse them. There are many methods to crystal cleansing so daily, weekly or monthly cleanses depend on your own preference and usage.



Smudging is an extremely popular and easy way to cleanse crystals. This method involves burning sage or certain incense sticks (such as sage, sweetgrass, sandalwood or cedar wood) so that the smoke from these absorbs stagnant energies from the crystals.

Suitable Crystals:  All types. 
How-To: Light the tip of the sage or incense stick and use the smoke to glide around the crystal. Use fireproof bowl or abalone shell to place the sage in to avoid falling lit herb.

Approximately 20 - 30 seconds.


 Repeat this method when you feel is needed. Be sure to take caution when extinguishing sage/incense sticks and do not leave them burning unattended. 



Using thought energy aka Visualisation is a steady method to cleanse your crystals. Thought energy transmitted through the stone will clear it of any stored or residual energy.  

  • Visualisation.
Suitable Crystals:  All types.
How-To: Hold the crystal, focus and visualise a white light surrounding the entire crystal. You can have your eyes opened or closed, whichever makes you feel comfortable. Imagine a steady beam of white light piercing through the crystal. As it pierces through, visualise the beam pulling away all the store energy within the crystal. Continue with this until you feel the white light has cleared away all it needs.

 Varies depending on personal timing preference.


 Repeat this method when you feel is needed. 



Using mother Gaia in all her glory to cleanse your crystals is a beautifully natural cleansing method. Connecting your crystals back to mother Gaia is a type of rebirth for them, so take gentle care of your babies! There are two mother nature methods we can recommend. 

  • Earth or sand.
  • River, lake, sea water.
Suitable Crystals:  Varies. Generally, tumbled form is fine but depending on the crystal type, raw form needs extra TLC if in contact with water. Softer crystals or metal based such as  Hematite, Pyrite, Selenite , Lapis Lazuli or Opal are not recommended for water cleanses.

Method 1.) Outside, create a small hole in earth, mud or sand and carefully place your crystals in and then cover them up as if planting a seed. This method of cleansing can take a little longer as it is a gentler method. If you do not have access to outside space, using an indoor plant pot with earth already in can be used for this method.

Method 2.) If you have access to an open water source such as the ocean, a lake, river or well this can also connect your crystals back to source and so is very beneficial for them. Only certain crystals can be used for this method, usually hard crystals are fine but please take caution. This technique can be combined with thought- energy. Hold each crystal in your hand and gently wash. As you place the crystal within the water, visualise stored memory seeping away. This is amazing if you use the sea waves, seeing the pull of the wave outwards extracting stored energy or the flow of a river to pull out the excess. Repeat as needed.


Method 1.) Anything from 1 day up to 1 month. Varies depending on personal preference. 

Method 2.) Up to 60 seconds per crystal.


Gently clear excess earth or sand from crystal or pat dry depending on which method you used.



There are two different cleansing methods in which salts can be used to cleanse, these are the dry-salt and non-contact methods. Using salts helps to draw out negative energies that have attached themselves on or within the crystals over time.  

  • Dry salt method: Sea salt and glass bowl.
  • Non - Contact method: Sea salt, glass bowl and small container.
Suitable Crystals:
  •  Dry salt method: Tumbled. Take caution with raw form as the salt can cause adverse effects on certain crystals.
  • Non - Contact method: Any form. Great for jewellery pieces that contain or encased in gemstones.



Dry salt method:  Fill a glass bowl half way with sea salt. Place your crystals directly on top or if you wish you can bury them within.

Non - contact method: Fill a glass bowl half way with sea salt. Partially bury a small container within the middle of the sea salt. Place crystals or jewellery pieces within the smaller container. The surrounding sea salt is able to remove stored energies just at a slower more eased pace.


Varies depending on personal preference. Up to 24 should be fine.


Remove and dispose of all used sea salt. This salt must not be reused as it would have collected all negative energies from the crystals. 



Brown rice is great at drawing out negative stored energy and is highly beneficial to protective stones such as black Tourmaline or Obsidian.

  • Brown rice.
  • Glass bowl.
Suitable Crystals:

  All crystals. 

How-To:  Half fill a glass bowl with brown rice and bury your stone beneath the grains.



 Up to 24 hours.


 Repeat method as needed.



Sound cleansing is great for those with larger crystals or larger crystal collections. A single pitch or sound allows to clear the area whilst washing over crystals to realign their vibrations.   

  • Either a singing bowl, tuning fork, bell or even just a chant will do.
Suitable Crystals:  All crystals.
How-To:  Use your chosen tool to create a loud sound or tone and allow this to vibrate through the area. It's best to do this with no other sounds present.

 5 - 10 minutes.


Repeat as needed.



Using crystals to cleanse other crystals is another easy method. There are certain crystals that said said to not need cleansing due to them having the ability to self-cleanse such crystals being Citrine, Selenite & Kyanite. We highly recommend including all your crystals into your chosen cleansing routine regardless. Amethyst as well as Quartz are both fantastic at absorbing energies from other crystals and have the ability to neutralise, release and bring forth higher vibrational energy into a crystal. Place smaller crystals into an Amethyst cave or on top of an Amethyst cluster for up to 24 hours. The same can be done using a Quartz cluster.  


Once you have cleansed your crystals, it is now time to activate & programme them to be able to use them to their fullest potential. It is important to treat each crystal as a new born baby by nurturing it with love and gratitude.

To activate and programme your crystals, find a comfortable place or position to allow yourself some time to relax into a mediative state. Depending on personal preference, you can either hold the crystal within the palm of your hand or rest on a chosen area or chakra of the body that you wish your crystal to align and assist you with. During this meditation, envision your crystal merging with your etheric body. Focus your intent on the use you wish for your new crystal and take your time to delve in deep within yourself to feel every part and emotion. Once you have finished, give thanks to your crystal for assisting you.


From time to time, your crystals will need a little pick-me-up. Energising your crystals allows them a much needed and deserved boost. If you notice your crystals have become a little lack-lustre, heavy or dull, it's time for some energising! As with cleansing, there are a. few different methods for you to energise your crystals.

The sun is great at burning away old and stagnant energy.
It's perfect for giving your crystals back the life they need.


Suitable Crystal: Tumbled & raw form but be careful as discolouration can occur in certain crystals if in constant direct contact with sun light. 
How- to:  Place your crystals outside and allow them to have a little sun bathing session.
Duration:   For up to 4 hours.
Aftercare:  Repeat only when you feel is needed. Daily sun energising is not recommended.


A full moon is one of the most commonly known
forms of energising crystals. It is a great way to
bring your crystals back to full vibrancy. 


Suitable Crystal: All crystals.
How- to:  On the eve of a full moon, place crystals outside or on a window ledge so they can soak in the full moons light. For a more intense session, place your crystals outside or on a window ledge 3 days prior, during and 3 days after a full moon. 
Duration:   For up to 4 hours for each night you have your crystals out.

 Repeat only when you feel is needed. Integrating this into your monthly routine to energise your crystals is very easy. Follow along our monthly count-down for the next coming full moon! 


Running water is another great way to not only
energise, but also cleanse.


Suitable Crystal: Tumbled form, hard crystals/stones. Avoid crystals that can damage softer crystals.
How- to: If near an open running water source such as a waterfall, river, lake or ocean place crystals into a mesh bag and hold whilst allowing the natural flow of water to full through the crystal. Alternatively, placing crystals in a glass or bowl whilst allowing running water to flow on top of the crystals also works well.
Duration:   10 -15 minutes. 
Aftercare: Gently pat down crystals until dry.


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