I'm Anna, the owner and creator of

Ever since my first touch of an Amethyst healing crystal, I was hooked!
After accumulating various crystals and working with them for my personal growth , I decided that it was time I put my passion for these wonderful beauties into a place where others too can feel and gain from their worth....that's when The Realm Room was born!

Launched on 19.03.19, my aim for The Realm Room was and is to be an easy, comfortable healing space and shopping experience to those that choose to visit. My long term goal is to own a physical store, which I cannot wait for!

The items I currently stock on my online store range from tumbled stones, rough form crystals, healing & cleansing tools, divination aids to jewellery and soft furnishings. A lot more new and exciting items will be coming soon as I am continuously updating the store with new items that people can find of use to themselves in their every day lives.


The crystals and minerals I stock are ethically and sustainably sourced by my current suppliers and I hold high trust and faith with this from them. I will soon be adding hand selected one-off pieces from myself, which I am extremely excited about. 

Feel free to have a little nosey around my online store or have a full blown shop, whatever floats your boat :) 



At the beginning of 2020, i made a promise to myself that i would walk in authenticity and speak my truth. Whether that would have seemed, sounded or looked like complete and utter madness to anyone outside my realm of existence...that was just the risk i was willing to take to live my life fearlessly and have the courage to speak what i know to be true without the fear of judgement from people who have a different understanding of life from their own experiences and level of perception. To my surprise, i was met with an unexpected positive response from those around me. More so the support in strangers and like-minded souls who too are on their own journey of self discovery. It's been a beautiful blessing so far and i cannot wait to share more of what i have learnt, experienced, felt and breathed life into so far. 

Around 2009 I experienced a Heart Chakra awakening, followed by a Zeal point activation and Kundalini rising in around 2016-2017 which allowed me to clearly see, feel and hear the authenticity and intention behind the words people spoke. Since a young age, I have always had the ability to spontaneously astral travel which still occurs til this day. I receive a lot of information though the hypnogogic and dream state and I share that information if I feel comfortable and called too. I have always felt drawn to the stars, and resonate with being a Starseed, specifically an Orian starseed - it is home.

In 2016 I was guided towards Tarot and Oracle to which I began practicing for the following 3 years. I quickly came to the realisation thought this divination aid that I also had the ability to automatic write and was doing so from a young age without realising it. I began to practice more with this until a few impactful experiences caused me to put the breaks on. 

Recently, through the magic of social media and being connected to some wonderful souls, I have been guided back again. I feel like this is a new relearning journey for me and so I have decided to begin offering paid oracle card readings to those that feel drawn to me. If you are interested in this is service, please click here.

There has been so many experiences that have occurred that it would take me forever to explain all in one. I am forever learning, growing and expanding as a being and will put up my hands to say I do not know or claim to know all or everything there is to know about life or spirituality. I still screw up every now and again haha!

I currently post video content about my spiritual path, life experiences, and motivational growth to my TikTok. If you wish to follow, i'd greatly appreciate it. 

At some point in life we may have crossed paths, still are or have yet too. Regardless, everyone and everything is connected and my only goal is to spread happiness and be of service to others where possible.

I'd be honoured to have you on this ever winding journey too :)
– Anna ★
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